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Fun Factory Smartball Uno Love Egg White/India Red


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Fun facts: 1) The muscles in your pelvic floor contract when you orgasm. 2) A stronger pelvic floor can mean bigger orgasms. 3) Using those muscles to hold a weighted ball inside your vagina strengthens them.

Just insert the SMARTBALL UNO vaginally, hold it inside and go about your business. You can also do your usual squeeze-and-release Kegel exercises with it for a more intense workout. The weighted ball inside will bump and roll as you move, making your muscles work even harder and bringing stronger orgasms into your life that much faster. It’s also really fun to wear during a spanking.

It can help prevent incontinence, boost blood flow to help you fight off infections, get your body ready for childbirth, and assist in healing after childbirth. If you want to give your partner a squeeze during sex, strengthening your pelvic floor also helps with muscle control.