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Fun Factory Next Level Orgasm Kit


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  • Two bestselling toys in one set, at a great price!
  • Our MANTA masturbator offers pinpoint stimulation of the glans & frenulum or strokes the shaft
  • NŌS, our vibrating penis ring, delivers a harder, longer-lasting erection
  • Comprehensive hot spot stimulation for a major orgasm upgrade
  • Plus, high-quality packaging & handy TOYBAG M make it a great gift


The kitincludes our masturbator MANTA in the popular Deep Sea Blue shade. The toy’s velvetywings are flexible and adapt to any penis size, while the unique design offersexplosive orgasms. The area between the wings channels vibrations for theultimate thrill—targeted frenulum stimulation. Plus, MANTA’s surface holds lube,for long-lasting frictionless play.


NŌS is a vibrating penis ring in a class of its own: Two raised sections on the inside promote a harder, longer-lasting erection. Plus, its powerful vibrating arms can reach the sensitive perineum, stimulating thousands of additional nerve endings. In short, the masturbator and penis ring complement each other perfectly. NŌS also comes in the Deep Sea Blue color.


Made of washable and lint-free Tyvek, our matte gold TOYBAG (size M) is both practical and stylish. Once a clean, dry toy goes in the toy bag, it stays ready for the next session. The bag even offers optimal protection on the go. The NEXT LEVEL ORGASM set also features high-quality packaging, making it an eye-catching gift.