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Fun Factory Smartballs Duo Love Eggs White/Grape


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Want bigger, stronger orgasms? Of course, you do. Luckily, working out your pelvic floor muscles can get you there. Stronger muscles = stronger contractions = stronger orgasms! There are exercises you can do on your own, but as with any kind of strength training, it makes a big difference to add a little weight.

If you’re thinking, “I’ve heard of vagina balls, but I have no idea what to do with them,” you’re far from alone! Luckily, it’s easy peasy: Lube up these smooth, silicone balls, insert them, and use your muscles to hold them inside your vagina. From there, you can do squeeze-and-release exercises or just go about your life! Each ball contains a small, round weight that bounces and rolls as you move, making your muscles work harder to keep the SMARTBALLS in without you having to make a conscious effort.