How Are Skins Condoms Made?

We all know the reasons why we should “Never Go In Without a Skin”. Yet still we don’t always do it. So Skins condoms set out to find out just what it is that stop people wearing them. Skins could then create a condom that people would actually feel good about wearing.

The first job was to conduct research into all the reasons people sometimes end up having unprotected sex. Through starting the conversation with lots and lots of people. It was found found that the biggest reason people give for not wearing a condom are. The latex smell that can be associated with condom wear and also the fact that they didn’t feel as close to their partner.

So, The Challenge Was On To Make A Condom That Is:

Thin enough to let you feel your partner. Has none of the latex smell that can be associated with condom use. Is so clear that it actually enhances the wearer’s manhood! Not bad eh!! So what’s the difference and how did we get there? Well, as with most things it all goes back to the source.

Most condoms are made from latex. A creamy white liquid, (funnily enough!) harvested from rubber trees.

As latex comes directly from nature, it’s quality can vary massively from year to year depending on the growing region’s weather conditions. In the same way that grape crops vary, making an excellent wine one year and not so good the next. So the quality of latex can vary.

In order to make Skins clear, thin and strong, we go the extra mile to source only the very best latex from those regions with the best rubber growing conditions in any particular year. Skins send out our resident latex expert directly to the plantations to personally select the very best

Rubber to Rubber

Skins are then manufactured in an award winning CE certified factory, whose proprietary processes produce beautifully clear Skins that really do enhance the wearer.

Vanilla Scented

Remembering the insight we gained from our initial research, we infuse every Skin with a fresh vanilla scent and add a little extra lube to make them super comfy and to offer better protection (after teeth and nails, lack of lubrication is the third highest reason for condoms splitting).

Safety Tested

As safety is the most important thing in condoms, all Skins are tested to the very highest and most up to date European standards that supersede all other national standards.

Wrapped, Packed & Dispatched

The final leg! Our perfect condoms go into their special Skins wrappers with a nifty little reminder on each one – Never go in Without a Skin!

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